The free online archive extractor and virus / malware scanner

What is ZipeZip?

ZipeZip is the first free online zip file opener and virus scanner that will extract your files and scan them for malware and viruses. ZipeZip will instantly show you the condition of your file (malicious, suspicious or clean). ZipeZip detects known malware and cannot replace the protection anti-malware and antivirus products provide.

Why is ZipeZip helpful? Most of today’s viruses such as ransomware and banking Trojans are mainly spread via malicious archived email attachments, social media and file sharing websites. Sometimes malicious files are spread unintentionally even from people you normally trust. It has become extremely hard for online users to maneuver in the fast-paced environment of online threats. We developed ZipeZip for you - so that you instantly know whether an archive is safe to use or not. ZipeZip is fast, user-friendly and easy-to-use.

ZipeZip is the perfect online archive extractor and virus scanner for daily needs. To enhance your experience, ZipeZip is also available as a browser toolbar.

How Does ZipeZip Work?

Because safety is important to us, uploaded files are only accessible to their owner. Extracted files are uploaded to the cloud and are deleted automatically from the server after 3 hours. 

This is how ZipeZip works in four easy steps: 

You can also share the link generated after file extraction. Once you close the page, this link will be no longer available.

Note! ZipeZip supports over 500 different file types. The uploaded files will be automatically  deleted after 3 hours and will not be stored anywhere nor will they be shared or distributed.