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.Cab Files: Open .Cab Files Safely

.Cab File – What is It?

“Cabinet” or a .Cab file is an archive file format for Microsoft Windows. Digital certificates are embedded in it, but malware developers might find a way to forge them. The .Cab file format uses the “DEFLATE” algorithm developed by the author of the ZIP file format, Phil Katz. With that algorithm, a lossless data compression is made possible for any Cabinet file.

.Cab Files - How to Safely Open with ZipeZip?

The .Cab file format is widely used and could be preferred for archiving a bigger amount of data, it could just as easily be used by malware makers and contain viruses. If you need to verify that a .Cab file is clean without opening it, a safe way to do it is by following the instructions given here:

Step 1: Download and save the .Cab File onto your computer somewhere easy to find, without opening it.
Step 2: Open ZipeZip’s main web page (
Step 3: Click on the “Select File” button of ZipeZip and choose the downloaded .Cab file.
Step 4: After the file has been selected, click on the “Upload” button to scan it for malware. The process may take some time if the file is very large. The file capacity is 100 MB.
Step 5: You will see results on each file in the .Cab archive. If a file is malicious, you should delete the .Cab file from your computer. If you have already been infected, or want to check your system for malware, you can click on the “Protect Your System Now” button for further instructions.

.Cab Files - Alternative Ways To Open

Alternative ways with which you can open a .Cab archive file format are the following:

Microsoft Windows innate file extractors