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How To Open .tar.gz File Type

This .tar.g file extension is associated with archived files and is part of the TAR type of archives. which also support compression. The tar.gz archives have one or more files that are archive and are mostly featured on different Unix-based operating systems (Linux). They are used together with different tools and usually contain the .tar and .gz file types.

How to Safely Open .tar.gz Files with ZipeZip?

Regardless of whether you are using Microsoft Windows, Apple’s OSX, your phone, Linux-based distributions or even Google Chrome OS, there is a way to open a .zip file safely. And, by opening it safely we mean checking it for malware before you actually open it.

Here's how it's done:

Step 1: Download and save the .tar.gz File onto your computer somewhere easy to find, without opening it.
Step 2: Open ZipeZip’s main web page (
Step 3: Click on the “Select File” button of ZipeZip and choose the downloaded .tar.gz file.
Step 4: After the file has been selected, click on the “Upload” button to scan it for malware. The process may take some time if the file is very large. The file capacity is 100 MB.
Step 5: You will see results on each file in the .tar.gz archive. If a file is malicious, you should delete the .tar.gz file from your computer. If you have already been infected, or want to check your system for malware, you can click on the “Protect Your System Now” button for further instructions.

Alternative Ways To Open .tar.gz Files (not secured)

The associated programs that open these type of archives are the following:

For Windows systems -> File Viewer Plus