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How to Open .Ace Files Safely

.An .Ace File – What is It?

An .Ace file is a data compression archive file format, which is currently developed by e-merge GmbH. That company also owns the WinAce program, which was the only one that could compress and decompress files using the .Ace extension in the past. The file format became popular in the early 2000s. For Mac OS and Linux there is an equivalent program released by the same developer, called UnAce.

.How to Safely Open .Ace Files with ZipeZip?

Since the .Ace file format is specific as it is not used by many programs, it could be used by malware makers and contain viruses. To check what is inside any .Ace file safely and without opening it, regardless of your operating system, be it Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or even your phone, you could follow the instructions given here:

Step 1: Download and save the .Ace File onto your computer somewhere easy to find, without opening it.
Step 2:Open ZipeZip’s main web page (
Step 3: Click on the “Select File” button of ZipeZip and choose the downloaded .Ace file.
Step 4: After the file has been selected, click on the “Upload” button to scan it for malware. The process may take some time if the file is very large. The file capacity is 100 MB.
Step 5: You will see results on each file in the .Ace archive. If a file is malicious, you should delete the .Ace file from your computer. If you have already been infected, or want to check your system for malware, you can click on the “Protect Your System Now” button for further instructions.

.Alternative Ways To Open .Ace Files

Programs which can open the .Ace archive file format are the following: