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How to Open .ZIP File Type

In case you see a .zip file on your computer, this is essentially an archive type of file that may have one or more than one files compressed within it, using the Zip compression mode. The Zip method of file compression stores every object in a separate method from the others. This allows for the files to be extracted one by one to another folder, as if they were in a folder themselves.

What Are .ZIP Files?

The type of files were made in 1989 by Phil Katz and they were utilized in a tool, known as PKZIP. The tool was created by a company, known as PKWARE. The .zip type of files became significantly more popular and are now used on a widely basis, even embedded in Windows operating systems.

What is basically known about the .zip files in cyber-security is that they are used as a method to slither malware onto the computers of users. This is primarily due to the fact that compression is in a way obfuscation of malicious files on the computer of the user. They can also be used to slither malicious files as an attachment when sending spammed e-mails to infect the user by opening them and opening the files within them. However, most e-mail providers have good detectors, this is why cyber-criminals also conceal the files themselves with special obfuscation software.

The Zip compression method is also used by researchers actively. One instance is to archive executable files so that they could be used for malware research later on. Sometimes, the archives may be password protected, for security purposes, when they are uploaded online and the malware in the archives Is also restricted in a way, so that it can be researched without infecting your computer. The bottom line for this is that Zip is used for containing malware as well.

How to Safely Open .ZIP Files with ZipeZip?

To safely check the content of .ZIP files, no matter if you are using Microsoft Windows, Apple’s OSX, your phone or Linux-based distributions or even Google Chrome OS, you can safely check a .ZIP file for malware before actually opening it. This is achievable if you follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Download and save the .ZIP File onto your computer somewhere easy to find, without opening it.
Step 2: Open ZipeZip’s main web page (
Step 3: Click on the “Select File” button of ZipeZip and choose the downloaded .ZIP file.
Step 4: After the file has been selected, click on the “Upload” button to scan it for malware. The process may take some time if the file is very large. The file capacity is 100 MB.
Step 5: You will see results on each file in the .ZIP archive. If a file is malicious, you should delete the .ZIP file from your computer. If you have already been infected, or want to check your system for malware, you can click on the “Protect Your System Now” button for further instructions.

Other Methods to Open .ZIP Files

The programs with which you can open .ZIP file types are many:

For Windows Systems

File Viewer Plus
Corel WinZip
ConeXWare PowerArchiver
Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe
B1 Free Archiver

For Android OS

File Viewer for Android

For Linux OS Systems

B1 Free Archiver
File Roller

For Mac OS Systems

Corel WinZip Mac
Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe
Apple Archive Utility
Incredible Bee Archiver
The Unarchiver
B1 Free Archiver

The Zip compression method is based on lossless type of data compression. It allows number of different algorithms to be used. One of those is a 32-bit CRC algorithm which has two copies of the directory and these are created to prevent data loss.